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Corporate Park South, Midrand

Keeping the Cities Clean



E-Hygiene offers steam cleaning where there is dust and grease buildup. Steam Cleaning is the latest technology when it comes to cleaning: it disinfects, cleans, and deodorizes. 

Rental of Hygiene Dispensers

Servicing of hygiene dispensers on a monthly basis. Replacing damage hygiene dispensers caused by malfunction. Hygiene refills we replace monthly or as per client request.

bathroom toilet paper dispenser
Paper Towel Dispenser
Hand Sanitizer Bottle Dispenser in Office

Disinfecting / Sanitizing Services

Sanitizing or disinfecting of Offices, warehouses, production plants or rest rooms we do either as a once off service or can workout a suitable program thought the year to keep these areas as hygienic as possible. Our staff is well trained, and our procedures are of the highest standards -satisfaction guaranteed.

Deep Cleaning

We also provide our clients with a monthly deep cleaning service for urinals, urinal traps, basins, toilets, and showers. Deep cleaning helps with the removal of limescale, dirt, the smell of urine in the urinal traps and helps with the blockage of drainpipes etc. Keeping your facilities hygienic and smelling fresh.

Feminine Hygiene – Sanitary Services

The company provides feminine sanitary bins on a rental basis. All waste is handled according to Waste Management Procedure



Pest Control

Removal of Hazardous Material

We specialise in fogging schools, boarding establishments, hotels, hospitals and offices during periods of breakouts and spread of viruses (such as coronavirus, influenza, meningitis etc). Certification is provided after treatment. We can also assist businesses in office complexes and companies that suffer from “sick building syndrome” in the winter months